Online Store

Hoppin' online?
Don't Frog-et to tip your waiter!

The Stoned Frogs Online Store

We will be creating an Online Store on our website to allow users to purchase products using $SEEDS.

What products will be available on the Online Shop?

  • Cannabis
  • Cannabis Products—Ashtrays, Rolling Papers, Lighters, and more!
  • CBD Products
  • Merchandise—T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, and more!
  • Miscellaneous—Seasonal gifts and products!

Who can use the Stoned Frogs Online Shop?

Anybody! Items will be available for purchase with $SEEDS or $SOL for holders and non-holders.

What is the benefit to holders?

As a Stoned Frogs NFT holder, you will receive a discounted-price on all Online Store Items. This includes discounted $SEEDS prices. This does not apply to non-holders, who only receive a discounted price in the Stoned Frogs Coffeeshop for $SEEDS purchases.