Ribbit, Ribbit.

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The Stoned Frogs Saga

They were no different from their relatives; living typical froggy lives and munching on flies. Until an outcast of the community ventured beyond the pond into the unknown.
Following a dreamy, strange scent...traversing in the deepest shadows of the jungle...the curious frog stumbles upon an other-worldly pond that was surrounded by pungent-smelling plants so high they covered the sun and sky. Caving into temptation, the frog touches the plant and is propelled by a vision portraying his true purpose in the universe: Cannabis. With the knowledge acquired, he hops frantically back home to spread the good word.
BEHOLD! The Enlightened One, the first stoner frog, is born and paves the groovy path for generations to come. Legacies of endless blazing from dusk-till-dawn, all-you-can-eat fly buffets, and partying to the sounds of high-croaking frogs echoed for decades.
UTOPIA! In the rich soil of the enchanted pond, Stoned frogs gathered to smoke the sacred strain and embrace the tree of life. However, all good things come to an end. A cataclysmic storm dispersed all the frogs away from their paradise and the enchanted pond was lost forever. The Elder Frogs still believe the Enlightened One is still alive and residing in the enchanted pond...waiting for a new generation.
A NEW HOPE! The 8,400 newly-hatched Stoned Frogs are destined to return the frog community to their former glory. Practicing the ways of their ancestors and determined to find the enchanted pond, the newly-hatched Stoned Frogs must find the Enlightened One. When in doubt, just follow the dreamy haze. Ribbit!
The Enlightened One!
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The Stoned Frogs Saga